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Moranbah Rodeo, Queensland, Australia

Moranbah Rodeo, Queensland, Australia

Moranbah Rodeo, Queensland, Australia

'W' in his home in the lower 9th Ward near New Orleans, Louisiana. Speaking about the criminal justice system he says "Once you're in, it's hard to get out".

Despite insisting that she had not come in contact with (or even knew of) the drug, the positive drug test meant that the mother of two would not be allowed to have a contact visit with her husband and would instead have to visit behind glass or a 'box visit' as it is commonly referred to. Further, this record of a positive drug test would be attached to her visitor file along with her picture for future reference.

After a brief appearance ASSK heads into a hall at the market complex. Crowds—some of whom had been there from the day before—are not permitted to enter, but a select few are bussed in to attend ASSK's address. This makes many understandably upset as their chances of speaking to or getting close to the Lady become increasingly slim.

A home made landmine: 2 AA batteries and a metal plate make up the trigger which is then wired to a piece of bamboo or plastic tubing packed with explosives and pellets. It is a crude but easily made weapon commonly used by ethnic minorities to defend against attacks by the Burmese Military.

Volunteer firefighters work to put out a blaze at a residential building in central Bangkok. Despite the building being completely destroyed no one was seriously injured.

Daniel Rideau spent nearly 10 years in prison after being wrongly convicted of murder. He now volunteers his time speaking to youth about the effects of incarceration in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Vets pump the chest of a large adult male tiger in a bid to resuscitate it after it stopped breathing once the sedative took effect. Nearly 140 tigers were confiscated during a raid by wildlife officials at Thailand's 'Tiger Temple'

One of the long-time volunteers at Kanchanaburi's 'Tiger Temple' put it bluntly: "These tigers are safer here than they are in the wild", citing and environment of widespread smuggling, poaching and corruption that means "there's no wild left".

A young boy looks through a telescope set up by the Thai National Observatory at Benjakiti Park in Bangkok during a partial solar eclipse. At approximately 7:30am 40% of the sun was covered in shadow.

Moranbah Rodeo, Queensland, Australia

Moranbah Rodeo, Queensland, Australia

Water buffalo are led up the banks of the Salween River in Mae Hong Song province, Thailand after arriving from neighbouring Myanmar across the water.

Moranbah Rodeo, Queensland, Australia

A member of the Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO) poses for a portrait before a bareknuckle boxing match during the Karen Revolution Day celebrations in Karen state (Kaw Thoo Lei), Myanmar (Burma).

Venue staff begin removing flags and banners after the polls closed at the Democrats Abroad hosted primary voting in Bangkok, Thailand.

A man wanders near the platforms at train station in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Many of the city's homeless find refuge at the station, sleeping on benches or stationary carriages.

U.S. President Barack Obama addresses a large audience of students, professionals and academics at the University of Queensland, Australia.

A young boy hitches a ride atop a train bound for Dhaka as it departs the station in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Momina, 8 and homeless lives with her family near the train station in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Each day she sorts waste collecting plastic that can be sold.

A torn Aboriginal flag waves at the site of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy near the old Parliament House in Canberra, Australia.

A young child who has fallen unconscious is given an injection at a Karen village in Myanmar (Burma) near the Thai-Myanmar border.

A young boy minds a festival game at the annual Karen Revolution Day celebration in Karen State (Kaw Thoo Lei), Myanmar (Burma.

Sam, 18, takes part in Karate classes near Brisbane, Australia.

Sam in his parents' home near Brisbane, Australia.

The site of the Sovereign Embassy near the old Australian Parliament building in Canberra, Australia.

Aboriginal youth prepare for an opening ceremony at the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy during the G20 Summit.