About me:

I'm a Canadian/Australian photographer and multimedia creator currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm hearing impaired (I hear 50% of speech in both ears).

My still-image and video work often follows news and current events, and my personal projects often delve into documenting incarceration and the wider effects of imprisonment (you can see that work here along with my motivation for documenting this subject specifically). 

I am available to travel for assignments and have undertaken HEFAT (Hazardous Environment/First Aid Training) through ACOS. 


Does your hearing impairment affect your work (specifically video)?

- While it is a challenge, my hearing loss does not stop me from undertaking commissions and/or projects. While my hearing loss is classified as profound, (I miss approximately 50% of speech) I lip-read and listen for patterns in tones to help to fill gaps that I miss. 

For video, I put my trust in a designated sound person as there are sounds in the higher frequencies that I could (and do) miss. When working alone, I will use audio visualizations to monitor levels when recording and very handy tools like Adobe Audition's Spectral Frequency Display feature to identify problematic elements in post. I also ask my peers to review the audio to ensure it's clean and balanced.

What is your dream assignment?

- I get asked this a lot, and the answer does change! Right now, I would love to continue my work documenting prisons in Ukraine. I began the work earlier this year on a break from teaching photography and would like to make it a long-term project. Having said that, I love portraiture and I have a list of people I've been compiling over the years that I would love the opportunity to sit down with in a studio. 

You teach photography too?

- I do! I've been a part-time lecturer for photography courses at a Thai University for the past 7 years. I also do workshops and short courses for schools, individuals and groups. It's very rewarding to be able to introduce people to the medium and elements/practitioners/work that they have not seen before.


Reuters, AFP, The Guardian, The Financial Times, BBC Thai, Sydney Morning Herald, Maclean's Magazine, The Diplomat, Foreign Affairs, The Bangkok Post, Vice


Everyday Incarceration @ ESP, Pennsylvania

'Steps Not Taken' screened at Landmine Ban Treat Intersession meetings, Geneva


For all inquires please contact via:

Phone: +669 5 783 6508
Email: corywrightphoto[at]gmail.com


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